House with Straw Ceiling Cordeville – Vincent Van Gogh


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House With Straw Ceiling Cordeville by Van Gogh depicts a country house in the foreground set up against fields and garden plots. The house is nudged in between the lush fields and farm patches that dot the earth.  The home almost disappears into the landscape giving the effect that Van Gogh wanted to produce with this painting.  The landscape is filled with the swirling brush strokes that cover this pastoral landscape. Shades of green, gold and blue overwhelm this scene. In the background is a dark sky that is swirling in clouds of white. The greens of the trees and grasses overwhelm the landscape and show off his signature style of curvy brush strokes and lines.

The greens and yellows are so varied in shade that they blend to form a coherent swath of color throughout the painting.  These colors would work against a wall of almost any color because of the wide ranges of shades used in this work.  This pastoral scene would lighten up almost any room in the house and work as well in a bedroom as in the living room. 

House With Straw Ceiling Cordeville takes only 4-6 weeks to be completed and is made using only the highest quality materials.  Our Van Gogh paintings feature the thick paint style and texture of the originals that make the painting seem to jump off the page. It comes to you unframed, so that you can choose the right frame to highlight the painting as it fits best in your home.    Bring a piece of art and history into your life today!