Irises II


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Irises by Vincent Van Gogh is a joy to look at and it is filled with the life of a warm fresh day.  This painting is filled with tightly packed irises, other flowers, and leaves that each maintain their own area of the canvas.  The cool leafy greens are in the center of the piece, followed by the blue of the irises that are both above and below the green of the leaves.  The corners are filled with yellow, red, and a warmer green filled with flowers.  Each area has its own bright glow and unique shapes.  This gives Irises the beauty of symmetry that one may not immediately notice.

Irises was one of the first paintings Van Gogh painted when first put into an asylum.  He called the painting “the lightning conductor for my illness”, because he felt that he could keep himself from going insane by continuing to paint.  Like many of his works, this painting was influenced by Japanese woodblock prints with similarities including strong outlines, unusual angles, and close-up views.

This painting would be wonderful hanging in almost any room of the house.  It would brighten up the darkest of spaces or create a glow in a bright room.  A bedroom, living room, or entryway could be dramatically reshaped with a hand painted oil reproduction of Irises by Van Gogh.

Irises takes only 4-6 weeks to be completed and is made using only the highest quality materials.  Our Van Gogh paintings feature the thick paint style and texture of the originals that make the painting seem to jump off the page. It comes to you unframed, so that you can choose the right frame to highlight the painting as it fits best in your home.    Bring a piece of art and history into your life today!

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