The Railroad – Manet


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The Railway by Manet displays the passage of time as a woman and child sit near the Gare Saint-Lazare rail station in Paris.  The child watches as a large white cloud of smoke billows out of a passing train, while the woman looks ahead blankly and holds a puppy on her lap. The puff of smoke that comes from a passing train makes the young girl visually pop off the page.  Behind them are railway tracks leading to the Gare Saint-Lazare, then the largest train station in Paris 

The figures that posed for this painting were the daughter of Manet’s neighbnor, Alphonse Hirsch, and the woman was Victorine Meurent, the same woman who posed for Olympia, and The Luncheon on the Grass, some of Monet’s most sensational pictures.  This painting was also considered bold for its time and is now recognized as a symbol of the modern era.

This painting has a truly classic element that would tie in with almost any room in your home.  You can get a true feel of 19th century life when you look at this painting and having in your home can transport you back to a different era

This painting takes only 6-8 weeks to be completed and is made using only the highest quality materials.  It comes to you unframed, so that you can choose the right frame to highlight the painting as it fits best in your home.    Bring a piece of art and history into your life today!