Portrait of Dr. Gachet – Vincent Van Gogh


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This is a hand painted oil reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “Dr. Gachet.” Van Gogh painted Dr. Paul Gachet, the doctor during the final stage of his life, as a sad and despondent man. Gatchet became depressed after his wife died, and this depression is showcased in his slumped posture, vacant stare, and balled fist. The use of color and lines reinforce this theme which is presented against a wavy background of sky and hills.

In a letter, Van Gogh writes “I've done the portrait of M. Gachet with a melancholy expression, which might well seem like a grimace to those who see it… Sad but gentle, yet clear and intelligent, that is how many portraits ought to be done… There are modern heads that may be looked at for a long time, and that may perhaps be looked back on with longing a hundred years later.”

This painting will enliven and add character to any room. This classic reproduction is commissioned by you and comes made to order. Our Van Gogh paintings feature the thick paint style and texture of the originals that make the painting seem to jump off the page. This painting will take 4 to 6 weeks to be painted, although it may be completed sooner.

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